Based on technology, where our software constantly logs customer desired information from vehicles and their environment and merges the data streams into a single solution, Technosmart provides intelligent fleet management system for your needs.

Vehicle tracking, driving and environment monitoring, vehicles tracking map service and other surveillance services together form our solution. In addition, the solution provides data for fleet maintenance, daily maintenance and daily use vehicles.

Because of the expandability of our software, it is possible to integrate other services, such as monitoring of road slipperiness and traffic monitoring into the solution. With one device you can merge different vehicle based data from variety of sources and functions - such as camera surveillance, customer calculation and payment - into a solution that fulfils your fleet management needs.

Frequently asked questions

How does Technosmart meet the needs of fleet managers?

Our software gets frequently updated thus customization for various customer needs is easy. This enables a tailored solution for you. Integration to passenger and environmental knowledge bases support building new MAAS services. Also, the automated refueling is a unique feature in our solution.

What data does Technosmart's system register?

The system reads the vehicle's CAN bus data. In addition, fuel consumption, acceleration sensors, and location information are registed. Our design principle is that basically any sensor data can easily be connected to the system. This includes passenger calculation, as well as monitoring the video surveillance data. The data collected forms the driver-specific driving style index, as well as serves vehicle maintenance.

What are the requirements for hardware installation?

Mounting hardware is standardized and the hardware easily adapts to all types of vehicles. We provide the installation as a service.

Can I buy just a single device?

Please contact us and we'll tell you how.

Where can I get more information?

You will find us [here] (/ contact). We will be happy to tell you more about how our solution would serve you best.