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Our customers include bus and coach companies like Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy and Pohjolan Liikenne.

We are also a trusted partner for VR - Finnish National Railways as well as for various public sector authority organisations in Finland.

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, one of largest urban bus transport service providers in Helsinki metropolitan area, acquired Technosmart's fleet management system in 2010.

"All measures show positive trend. For example, fuel consumption has fallen by five percent annually after the first year of implementation of Technosmart's solution", says Technical Director Michael Andersson from Helsingin Bussiliikenne.

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The bus company wants to be a pioneer in producing more environmentally friendly public transport. Technosmart solution was chosen due to its versatility and expandability. Fuel savings were just one goal.

"In our customer satisfaction survey, 70 per cent reported positively about our drivers' driving style. It was a considerable improvement compared to the previous measurement," Traffic Director Mika Seppänen says. Real-time monitoring of driving style is used to reduce the acceleration and the ride is steadier. At the same time, the vehicle tracking allow the company to return to the problematic situations, as well as to develop a more efficient bus service.

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Long-term data collection in Helsingin Bussiliikenne shows that economically improved driving also saves the fleet. Accelerations have been reduced. The automated refueling saves fuel and system has improved the fleet maintenance. The system also translates into better transport planning in urban area. When the data shows that all the drivers make some hard braking in a section of the road, the data is reported to traffic planning and road maintenance partners.