A Day in a Life of a City Bus

Urban buses run a long journey in a day. In most cases, their route is always the same, but the miles accumulate as the buses are on the go from early morning up to late into the night. Technosmart's intelligent fleet management solution enables high utilization rate.

How does a day in a life of a city bus look like?

Morning Activities

Early morning in the bus depot. The morning shift starts when a refreshed driver, arriving from depot's own gym, opens the bus with her own sensor.

When launching, the driver herself automatically connects to the driving monitoring system and continues to accumulate her driving style index. Also, the vehicle related information is conveyed to the driver. System shows no extra notifications. Everything is ready for customers. The journey starts.

Working day

Even on a very familiar route the bus tells the driver how to accelerate and brake smoothly in real time.

On a standard cab mounted display, information on on fule consumption, braking, acceleration, cornering speeds, as well as bumps are shown. All data are stored and indexed by driver, by route and by vehicle. The driving style index, as well as driving events are accessible afterwards, and, if necessary, it is possible to find out second by second, how the driving went.

Today, however, there should not be driving situations, which should be returned to afterwards. The driver is satisfied with her driving. Customers thank her when leaving the ride. A pleasant ride for the passangers, above all, means proactive driving, in which the accelerator and brake are controlled. Such driving also saves fuel.

A day in a life of a city bus

During the work day of the bus, passengers come and go, but the bus tracks, monitors and reports constantly the passenger load. Doors are mounted with sensors that monitor the traveller volumes and the information is used in route and schedule planning. The data is also shown on a map where it is easy to generate long-term analysis of passenger flows by a route, since it is complemented with information from other systems automatically.

New driver

Driver's shift ends but the bus continues. Shift change is efficient as it happens smoothly, due to good route and vehicle based planning, in a pre-planned schedule shift stop. The transfer and idle times are minimized in the change.

The new driver information switches automatically on the bus. The bus-specific run-time data is being generated in the same way as before, only now it will connect to the new driver information. The bus company's drivers follow weekly their driving style. There are occasionally intense competitions for the title of the most economical driver of the week. It is easy and transparent to organize such a competition when you have all authentic data gathered automatically and it is visible for everyone in real time.

After the second driver's work shift, the bus is designed to take a refueling and maintenance break.

Evening Activities

Maintenance visits can be optimized on the basis of bus-specific data, for each vehicle contains its service history data along with vehicle and driving information. Maintenance can be better anticipated and scheduled. Equipment troubles are reduced. This bus is used to consume a little more oil than average.

Depot Street was built as smooth as possible. Technician automatically identifies on the bus and the system. Data-based vehicle maintenance plan refers him about the measurement of oil level. Oil filling is built on the identification too, so that the technician can not accidentally put the wrong oil. Oil filling opening cap is magnetically responsive only to the correct identification.

Refuelling is just as easy. The identification prohibits adding the wrong fuel. During the automated refueling technician cleans the inside of the bus. If later there will be some complaints of the cleanliness of the bus is known exactly who is responsible for the cleaning, how long it lasted, and what information might be recorded by the technician himself about cleanliness of the bus.

The bus is serviced and refueled. Now, a small rest in the pits. Soon dawns, and the bus starts again for a new day.

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