Data-driven Savings

1000+ vehicle installations
15 years of experience
100,000+ tons of saved fuel

Technosmart is the most versatile fleet management solution that integrates vehicle tracking, driving monitoring and vehicle identification into a one trusted and scalable solution, which merges seamlessly with the existing services.

We provide cost-effective fleet management where the driver specific driving style index guide your drivers towards economical driving. Your route to sustainable transport is here.

Based on our own design, the vehicle-mounted system delivers comprehensive status information about driving and vehicles. This third generation of hardware is the result of over 15 years of development work.

At the core of the solution there is our own technology that merges seamlessly the vehicle's CAN bus data, GPS location data, driving style monitoring, maintenance data and other sensor-based data into a solution that is tailored to you specific needs. Integrations to ERP systems and passenger payment processes are easy to set up.

Technosmart's intelligent solution is suitable for a wide range of vehicles serving various fleet types.

All vehicles that have a CAN bus can be connected to our solution. In addition, to take full advantage of versatile data collection from the sensors monitoring driving, the system is easily integrated to data sources outside the vehicle thus providing insight on traffic and transport issues.

Our fuelling system serves perfectly diesel engines and port vehicles also. With centralised maintenance and refueling depots you'll get the optimal cost savings as system's build-in identification and data collection serve your fleet management processes to the optimal.

Refuelling for all vehicles

Technosmart solution minimizes your fleet's fuel losses with its automatic vehicle identification based fuelling system.

With Technosmart, refuelling does not require any authentication and payment procedures from the driver. Also, liquid level surface control devices seamlessly integrate into the system. The identification and reporting related to refuelling and vehicle maintenance and service processes gets automated thus preventing human error. The system supports also natural gas refuelling.

Tankkaus kaikelle kalustolle

One solution for multiple needs

Our smart fleet management brings you the benefits from

Fuel consumption monitoring, by driver and by vehicle.

GPS location and speed data.

Economical driving mode.

Proactive fleet management with vehicle maintenance history and analytics.

Frequents software updates for integrations and your own customizations.

Enables you to build own MAAS solutions by merging all data sources into one solution.

Learning to drive mode to support your trainees.

Frequently asked questions

How does Technosmart meet the needs of fleet managers?

Our software gets frequently updated thus customization for various customer needs is easy. This enables a tailored solution for you. Integration to passenger and environmental knowledge bases support building new MAAS services. Also, the automated refueling is a unique feature in our solution.

What data does Technosmart's system register?

The system reads the vehicle's CAN bus data. In addition, fuel consumption, acceleration sensors, and location information are registed. Our design principle is that basically any sensor data can easily be connected to the system. This includes passenger calculation, as well as monitoring the video surveillance data. The data collected forms the driver-specific driving style index, as well as serves vehicle maintenance.

What are the requirements for hardware installation?

Mounting hardware is standardized and the hardware easily adapts to all types of vehicles. We provide the installation as a service.

Can I buy just a single device?

Please contact us and we'll tell you how.

Where can I get more information?

You will find us [here] (/ contact). We will be happy to tell you more about how our solution would serve you best.